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Pre novorodenca farba oranžová

Wooden name with data, color orange

Custom made baby name with attached birth details: Date - Time - Length - Weight.
Width approx. 30-35 cm and variable height.
I mix the colors myself, therefore there are slight color differences and that is why it is each piece is original.
You can hang the decoration on the wall in the children's room.

Painted on both sides.

Required information: Name, date, time, baby's length, baby's weight and color designmust be written in the note when sending the order.

These are then lasered onto the hanging a heart, an alarm clock, a T-shirt and a weight.

Please write your name with diacritics.
You can choose the color or design it yourself if it is not in the offer.
A suitable gift for the birth of a baby, also for a child's birthday or baptism no even for your own pleasure or to beautify the children's room.
Material: poplar
Manufacturing method: carving, painting, laser engraving.

Product customization

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