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5 závesných doplnkov s meno farba kombinovaná

5 hanging accessories with name color turquoise-white

Custom-made baby name with attached birth data: Date - Time - Length - Weight -photo frame without glass.
Width approx. 30-35 cm and variable height.
I mix the colors myself, so there are slight color differences.
You can hang the decoration on the wall in the children's room.

Painted on both sides.

Required information: Name, date, time, length, weight of the baby, color design

(write in notes when sending the order) photo frame without glass internal photo size 7x9.5cm.

These are then lasered onto a hanging heart, alarm clock, T-shirt , weight.

Please write your name with diacritics.
You can choose or design the color yourself if it is not on offer.
Suitable a gift for the birth of a baby, also for a child for a birthday or baptism, either for personal pleasure or to beautify a child's room.
Material: poplar
Manufacturing method: / strong carving, painting, laser engraving.

Product customization

  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max
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